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Yoga for Computer Users
Yoga for Computer Users:
Healthy Necks, Shoulders, Wrists, and Hands in the Postmodern Age

Sandy Blaine
ISBN-13: 978-1930485198 | $14.95
paperback | 128 pages | 7" x 9"
43 color photos

Rodmell Press Yoga Shorts
Written by yoga teachers, the Rodmell Press Yoga Shorts Series gets right to the heart of yoga practice for specific ailments and conditions.

About the Book
Sandy Blaine, author of the successful Yoga for Heathy Knees, turns her attention to yoga as preventive self-care for the computer weary. Drawing on her extensive yoga training and her experience as the in-house yoga teacher at Pixar Animation Studios since 1994, she presents a program that is refreshingly easy to do.

At the heart of Yoga for Computer Users are twenty-two illustrated poses (asana) and exercises, and breathing and relaxation techniques that can be performed no matter what your age or yoga experience. They will help you to increase range of motion and circulation; combat repetitive stress injury (RSI) to neck, shoulders, wrists, and hands; provide countermovements to "computer slump" posture; and antidote energy stagnation from sitting at the computer for hours.

Sandy combines these movements and techniques in five sequences that can be done whether you spend your computer time at home, or in an office, or both.

A special Everyday Yoga section presents lifestyle suggestions and mindfulness practices to help you learn to alternate your mouse hand, manage time, unplug at least once a week, schedule time for joy, and more.

Yoga for Computer Users is the ideal peripheral device! Turn to it, time and again, to bring balance to your life.
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